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0.4.14 release

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 10:02 am
by Doug
Version 0.4.14 software has been released. It includes the following improvements:
1. The "Jogging" interface found under the "Jog" tab on the "Control" page now works correctly with touch panel screens. Previously, it did not recognized touch and hold gestures from a touch screen. This has been fixed.
2. A "Step mode" check box has been added to the same jogging screen. This allows users to click and hold for continuous motion if 'Step mode' is not checked and to move in predefined increments if 'Step mode" is checked.
3. A user pointed out that attempting to load gcode files with '#' or '?' characters in the file name resulted in unusable files being loaded and those files could not be removed. This problem has been fixed. (Thanks Mick!)
4. Modbus control for V70 Series VFD's has been added to the Buildbotics Controller. V70 Series VFD's are now available StepperOnline at ... ncy-drive/ . This interface is configured by selecting "V70" from the pull-down menu on the tool page.

You can upgrade to 0.4.14 for free by clicking the "Upgrade" button on the "General" page and entering your password. The default password it 'buildbotics'.