Video on calibrating Axes

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Video on calibrating Axes

Post by Doug » Thu Feb 24, 2022 11:48 am

I published a new video that describes how to calibrate the axes on your CNC machine. If your parts are coming out the wrong size or shape (or if you just want to see my smiling face), you should check it out.

You can find it on youtube at .

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Re: Video on calibrating Axes

Post by JNewcomb » Fri Feb 25, 2022 4:55 pm

Doug, thanks for the great video. I am sure it will help a lot of people with their own home-brew machines or retrofits.
Looking forward to your stall-homing video as I am still struggling with my Onefinity w/ dual Y axis motors. It would be great if you include a illustration of setting changes to understand how it works. I read your detailed explanation, but I need pictures for it to sink in.

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