Unparking (retrieve homing & position info at startup)

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Unparking (retrieve homing & position info at startup)

Post by missionarymike » Thu Jun 30, 2022 6:51 pm

This macro allows you to retrieve the homing and position info that was used during shutdown without having to read GCode system variables.

Simply put, this code sends the machine to a specified location, mine is front center with the Z at full height, so it is ready for a tool change, and then sets the homing variables that were used during the "parking" procedure.

This is great as it saves time by not requiring you to rehome the machine each time you startup. After the macro is run, you can do a tool change and start cutting.

This macro is used in conjunction with the "parking" macro and the XYZ variables that are set in this file MUST match exactly to what was set in the "parking" macro.

Code: Select all

(File: 'unparking.nc')

G20 (imperial mode)

; no need to use G53 as there are no existing offsets
G28.3 X36 (set home)
G28.3 Y48 (set home)
G28.3 Z7 (set home)

G0 Y6 X24 (move to front center for tool change)
Please feel free to provide feedback on how this works on your machine.
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