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MillRight CNC Mega V XL

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 10:41 am
by JPG963
Does anyone have experience with or know if the BuildBotics Controller will work with the MillRight Mega V? I have heard great things about the Mega V itself but it is lacking in the electronics department. I have always been a fan of the Onefinity interface which is a BuildBotics unit and want to integrate one onto the MegaV. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I am a relative Noob when it comes to modifying controllers.

Specific questions:
1) Are the stepper motors compatible with the MillRight Mega V Nema23 units
2) The Mega V has an option for plasma setup with THC, laser setup, and 4th axis. Can these be integrated onto the BuildBotics controller easily so it can be switched in and out?
2) If so it seems to be almost a plug and play replacement to their poorly made controller setup. Do you foresee any potential hickups in swapping controllers

Your knowledge and feedback is greatly appreciated,

Re: MillRight CNC Mega V XL

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2020 8:33 am
by Doug
Several of our customers have successfully retrofitted MillRight machines with the Buildbotics Controller.

The NEMA23 stepper motors that come with the Mega V are compatible with the Buildbotics Controller.

The Buildbotics Controller does not currently support Torch Height Control, but we hope to add it in the future.

Since the MillRight Mega V uses two motors on the Y axis, it will be hard to add a fourth axis. You would have to wire two motors on the same motor port to free up the fourth motor port. This can be done, but depending on the quality of the stepper motors, you may run into resonance problems which prevent them motors from reaching their full speed.

Also, be advised that the Buildbotics Controller only partially supports rotary motion. To achieve rotary motion, you will have fool the controller into thinking that it is moving linearly. For instance, you can tell the controller that it moves 360mm per motor revolution. Then when you tell it to move 90 millimeters it will turn 90 degrees. We hope to provide the ability to configure the motor driver in degrees or radians in the future.

Laser control is fully integrated into the Buildbotics Controller.

Switching between your various setups is simply a matter of reconnecting cables and loading the correct configuration. Once a configuration has been set up, you can save it to file and reload it as needed.

Replacing your controller with the Buildbotics Controller is pretty easy. Configuring the BB Controller takes some effort, but we can help you if needed.