Why use a buildbotics controller

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Why use a buildbotics controller

Post by GrayFromOz » Wed Apr 28, 2021 10:21 pm

Hi guys, I'm from downunder (Australia) and about to embark on converting a X3 Seig mill (G0463 Grizzly) to CNC. Most conversions on these mills use nema 23's on both x and y axis and nema 34 on z axis and popular setups use Mach 3/4, uncnc or LinuxCNC.

I'd like to reduce the chance of missed steps with the nema 23's and use higher powered 34's on all axis. My original thought was to use LinuxCNC (Probe basic with conversational capabilities) mesa 7i76 and TB6600 drivers. Other option Masso G3 touch (nice but expensive)

Then I came across the buildbotics option, looks to have some nice feature although only 36 Volt is a bummer. Price is up there a bit and looks like the Gcode a bit less mature than LinuxCNC and Masso.

Can i get some feedback on pro's- cons on the options I've just mentioned please and if/why the buildbotics would be a better option.

Also what would be good fleebay, amazon or aliexpress type nema34's to use with the buildbotics controller?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to lesson the brain strain this is causing in my head atm

Kind Regards

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