Controller resets on motor stop

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Controller resets on motor stop

Post by Guldberg » Tue Sep 12, 2023 5:47 am


I recently dusted of my router and change the X motor to a Nema 34 wired in parallel. Im still running some test with the motor not connected to the leadscrew.

I can the motor running fine, but when I throttle it to full the controller reboots on motor halt. I tried limiting the current, but it doesnt change it. I got the "old" buildbotic limited to 6A. My guess is that even though not a lot of mass is moving, maybe the motor is generating some kind of back current or emf that causes the controller to reboot.

Anyone had this issue? Any idea on how to solve it other than capping the speed?

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Re: Controller resets on motor stop

Post by Doug » Wed Sep 13, 2023 7:42 pm

I have not seen something like this cause the controller to automatically reboot, but it could cause a motor error resulting in an estop condition or an error condition and in some cases, you may have to reboot to get back to normal. Is that what is happening? If its estopped, can you clear the estop?

Do you mean that the motor is wired as a bipolar parallel stepper motor or that you have two motors wired in parallel an attached to the same motor port?

What is the model number of the motor?

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