"Go To Home" button work around

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bor MC
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"Go To Home" button work around

Post by bor MC » Fri Apr 02, 2021 10:25 am

Just wanted to share a tidbit that we discovered, and is a real time saver in the shop.

On the settings screen, in our program end dialog box we put a code that lifts the spindle to its highest point whenever a job finishes (G53 G0 Z7). That alone saves us time and puts the head in the best spot for changing bits, but by adding G0 X0 Y0 after it, it turns the M2 command into a make shift Go to Home button.

Now we simply park the machine in any position out of the way to load the table, then type M2 in the MDI when we want to go to home. Hope this helps someone else too.
M2 Trick.png

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