Stuck in Jogging mode

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Stuck in Jogging mode

Post by wilsonedw » Mon Apr 26, 2021 8:01 am

If for any reason I stop a program the system will not move or will become stuck in Jogging mode and I can not start another program without first shutting down the buildbotics controller and re homing and re zeroing it.

and help would be appreciated.

Bob Z
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Re: Stuck in Jogging mode

Post by Bob Z » Tue Jun 08, 2021 3:19 pm

Yes, I had the same problem. Specifically, I hit the "Stop" button during an operation,and it went into "jogging" mode and could not be operated, requiring me to reboot the system and losing the zero (it reset it to the location where the tool was located), and ruined a delicate part that needed precise zero-ing. In the past, a stop simply stopped the spindle and held location. This is a bug, in my opinion. This happened shortly after the bug on M6 I reported on separately.

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