G81 Bug on Onefinity CNC controller.

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G81 Bug on Onefinity CNC controller.

Post by RagingElectron » Sat Jun 12, 2021 10:15 am

Hello All,
I think I have found a bug with the canned routine G81. The following code is the one in question.

N890 T3 M6
N895 S5000 M3
N900 G54
N905 G0 X381 Y-381
N910 G43 Z15 H3
N915 G0 Z5
N920 G98 G81 X381 Y-381 Z-14.139 R-2.35 F254
N925 X-381
N930 G80
N935 Z15
N940 M5

According to the documentation when the canned drilling routine is executed it is supposed to store the current z position as Z old. Then on retract move to Z old as long as it is greater then R. It is not doing this. Not matter what I put in for Z it always goes to the R value causing a crash. In the Fusion 360 Simulation it is interpreted correctly and moves to Z5 at the end of the drill. But when the code is ran on the Onefinity it always moves to R.

The Current Cycle when executed on the Onefinity is:
1: The axis moves down to Z5
2: The axis moves to Z-2.35
3: The axis moves to Z-14.139
4: The axis retracts to Z-2.35
5: The Axis moves to X-381

http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gcode/g-c ... #gcode:g81 6

Onefinity Woodworker
Firmware: V1.0.8

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Re: G81 Bug on Onefinity CNC controller.

Post by Doug » Sat Jun 12, 2021 10:51 am

First, I must mention that the OneFinity controller is not made by Buildbotics. They copied our Open-Source design and proceeded to modify it their liking. Beyond that we have no affiliation with OneFinity or their controller.

I think the problem is that the G98 code in your example is not supported.

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