Gcode not being updated after a save

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Gcode not being updated after a save

Post by rtkracht » Wed Jun 16, 2021 6:07 pm

I'm running into an issue with my settings not being updated after a save every time. Here's an example. I made the change that is circled and saved. Then ran the gcode and I get the error in the second figure.

I tried saving several times with no improvement. Then I restarted the controller and I was back to my original code (shown in red type & circled below). I then edited the settings again and saved... and the code was executed correctly.
Does this mean I need to reboot prior to making changes or is there a way to refresh things without a controller reboot.

I've noticed that it happens sometimes when running jobs also. When a z height is set incorrectly or a feed speed is too high, I go into Aspire and make the changes, save, upload to the controller and run it again and find that the changes have not been made. I've started adding version numbers to each file I upload just to be able to verify I am running the correct version of the modified code.
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