How to show requested tool during tool change?

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How to show requested tool during tool change?

Post by johannes » Thu Jan 13, 2022 9:37 am

I have been playing with (manual) tool changes and used Alex Pinsons excellent code for handling tool offsets (viewtopic.php?p=684#p684)

When the script runs, it shows the generic tool change message.

What I want to do is show the tool number in the message as well. Any ideas for making that work?

This is the post output from Fusion, with a call for tool 1 just before the M6:

Code: Select all

N155 T1 M6
N160 S20000 M3
N165 G54
N170 G0 X-29.8 Y0.6
Any suggestions for what I need to add here to pick up the "T1" from the M6 command so it can be displayed in the popup on screen?

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