Additional breakout terminals

Post any suggestions that you have for new features and enhancements for the Buildbotics Controller here.
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Additional breakout terminals

Post by JNewcomb » Fri Mar 12, 2021 8:47 am

Hello BuildBotics Team, thanks for offering such an excellent hobbyist CNC controller. It has greatly improved my machine and reduced all the clutter underneath. I had been using a HobbyCNC board/driver, SmoothStepper, and a WinBlo$ PC w/Mach3. All this has been replaced by the BuildBotic controller. As a added bonus, I can sit in the comfort of the house and load in my G-code and simulate.
with the Beta firmware announced yesterday, sounds like you have addressed most of my wish list items. Still there is one item I would like you to offer maybe as an option. My machine, (a BYOCNC Blacktoe Clone), uses shielded cabling through out. With the included breakout connector, I did not have a clean way to tie in all the shields and separate negatives I needed. I had to splice them all and pigtail down to single wires. Then my cables would not into fit the strain relief opening.
My suggestion is to offer a breakout board with a DB25 input, printed circuit board, and multiple screw terminals for each input channel, (input, shield, negative/positive). Then a user could uses a simple DB25 shielded extension cable to place a box closer to inputs on the machine. As someone who spends more time refining his machine than actually cutting parts, it would make life much easier.
I can't wait to try your latest firmware, keep on improving and thanks again.

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Re: Additional breakout terminals

Post by Doug » Sat Mar 13, 2021 9:01 am

Thank you for your input. We are discussing the possibility of offering an improved breakout box as an option.

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